Public reception

If you apply to the Federal Agency for Tourism in electronic form, then you must provide full information about yourself in the form below.

Electronic applications received with incomplete or inaccurate information about the sender shall not be considered.

The personal data of citizens who sent a request via electronic form is stored and processed in compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation on personal data.

Application processing time: 30 days from the submission date.

Ways of obtaining a response to the appeal:
by email
by both post (original document) and email
Your appeal

Max count: 5, size: up to 5MB, format: doc, docx, pdf, txt, jpg, png, jpeg, gif, odt

If you have any problems sending an appeal through the online form, please contact the technical support service via, and indicate the subject of the email as 'Error in the form of an electronic appeal'.

Please, describe the problem in detail, indicate the name and version of your browser that you use for entering to the Federal Agency for Tourism website. Also, attach a screenshot showing the error.

*These fields need to be filled

**required for obtaining a responce by post

***required for obtaining a responce by email

Заявка в техподдержку
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Тип обращения
Спасибо за обратную связь! Ваше обращение отправлено в службу поддержки информационной системы «Электронная путёвка» и будет рассмотрено.
Подключение к системе «Электронная путевка» для коммерческой эксплуатации доступно для туроператоров с 1 января 2018 года