Terms and Conditions

1. https://tourism.gov.ru/ authorizes you to view or download a single copy of the material on this website of the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation for your personal, noncommercial use, as well as citation in the media, if the reference to the source of such information is provided (in online media — hyperlink to the corresponding web page with a unique network address).

2. Information resources directly accessible from https://tourism.gov.ru/ are owned by the state of the Russian Federation, unless otherwise stipulated by the law on information, informatization and information protection. These information resources include open access information that cannot be treated as confidential information and protected under the legislation on state secrets of the Russian Federation. This information also cannot be used in commercial purposes.

3. When the user click on the hyperlinks posted on the website, which lead to the external information resources, the user leaves the online representation of the Federal Agency for Tourism. The editors of https://tourism.gov.ru/ are not responsible for the content validity of the external information resources, as well as for the frequency of information updating on these resources.

4. Individuals and/or organizations willing to place a link on their websites leading to Rostourism website as a part of their internet-resources informational (content) structure (for example: in a directory, which provides text reconstruction, or in the form of an independent thematic heading, etc.), as well as the banner graphic, must notify the press service of the Federal Agency for Tourism.

5. When placing the banner graphics can only be used graphic elements agreed in writing to the press service of the Federal Agency for Tourism.

6. Owners of network resources, who placed a link on the website of the Federal Agency for Tourism, for the purposes mentioned in Sec. 5, must not:

  • change the standard view of the browser’s window or otherwise limit or modify the representation of the website’s content;
  • indicate false information related to the provision of hyperlink to https://tourism.gov.ru/;
  • place on web-pages, which contain hyperlinks to https://tourism.gov.ru/, informational or other materials that do not conform to the purposes and principles of the functioning of the online representation of the Federal Agency for Tourism.

7. Users of the Russiatourism official website have to comply with other (not listed in this Acknowledgement) requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation on the state information resources.

Those who violate the requirements of this Notice shall bear civil, administrative and criminal liability in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

8. Content and conditions of this Acknowledgement may be revised or amended without prior notice. Use of the information posted on the website of the Federal Agency for Tourism, should meet the requirements of this Acknowledgement version, which was enacted at the moment of user’s visit to the Russiatourism website.

Questions, related to the procedure for the use of the information placed on https://tourism.gov.ru/ or to the terms and conditions of this Acknowledgement, can be sent to the press service of the Federal Agency for Tourism.

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